Saturday, 21 March 2015


On my last visit to Trinidad I noticed that a new ice-cream parlour had opened up in Trinidad offering a reasonably priced menu as well as a variety of choices of ice-cream sundaes.

Ducle Crema offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can sit down and escape the hot sun for a while whilst wondering the streets of the casco historico.  The menu offers different kinds of desserts.  If you want to keep it simple you can buy 1 or 2 balls of ice-cream but we found that the ice-cream desserts on the menu were more reasonably priced, sundaes with 2 or 3 balls of ice-cream were cheaper than the price of 2 balls of ice-cream! 

We sat down in the open air patio at the back of the restaurant and asked the waiter what flavours were on offer.  Expecting him to offer the usual strawberry or vanilla, he surprised us when he said that he had 13 different flavours of ice-cream; some of which included strawberry, mango, guava, vanilla, chocolate, tiramisu and moscadel.  For us it was such a novelty to actually be offered so many different flavours, we had to get the waiter to repeat the selection twice!  You may think ‘what’s the big deal?’, but in Cuba, especially Trinidad it had been a long time since there was an ice-cream parlour in town offering more than just 2 flavours.

Eventually with the help of the waiter, I decided to go for the Sundae Primavera, which came with 2 balls of ice-cream, vanilla sauce and pieces of fresh fruit on top; papaya, banana, orange.  I chose Tiramisu and Moscadel ice-cream.  Misleydis had the Canoa India; 2 balls of ice-cream of her choice and a piece of very sweet cake.

Both of us tucked into our ice-cream sundaes with excitement; we were pleasantly surprised, we loved them!  At last, great tasting quality ice-cream with lots of flavour has arrived in Trinidad!

Dulce Crema is on the corner of Maceo and Simon Bulevar and it opens from 10am-10pm.

Dulce Crema Ice-Cream Parlour - Trinidad