Tuesday, 24 January 2012


At EXPERIENCE THE REAL CUBA we can organise pottery workshops with one of Trinidad’s most renowned and talented families.  The family have maintained a tradition of pottery over many years and have passed down their secrets from one generation to another, working with clay on the wheel.

Their dedication and talent has received much attention over the last 60 years.  Not only do they have a successful workshop visited by many people wanting to purchase their items, they have also received many awards at Havana’s Feria Internacional de Arte (FIART).  In 2007, UNESCO awarded the family with a special prize in honour of their special family tradition; the master craftsman.
They have given courses in ceramics both in Cuba and abroad and they also have developed workshops aimed at local school children.  If you have an interest in taking part in a ceramics workshop, learning about the basics of ceramics, how to create your own pieces, contact us at EXPERIENCE THE REAL CUBA.