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Sabor a Mí

In the Plaza de San Francisco de Assis in Trinidad, Cuba, a new restaurant opened at the end of 2013, offering elegant service and delicious food in a peaceful setting with a perfect view of the Museo Nacional de la Lucha Contra Bandidos.

Sabor a Mí, is run by identical twin sisters Lisvet and Liset.  If you run into one of them on the street you will always be in doubt as to which one of their friendly and welcoming faces you are about to greet. 

Lisvet and Liset, both equally charming and partners in everything they do.  They decided to name their restaurant as a tribute to Álvaro Carrillo Alarcón; the Mexican composer and songwriter who wrote the beautiful bolero, ‘Sabor a Mí’.  For them it is a romantic metaphor which represents their love for Trinidad.  They are proud to be part of Trinidad and to be part of the important changes that Trinidad has seen of late.  As they say with a smile on their face, “sabor a Trinidad”, because of its beautiful mountainous landscape, its impressive historical architecture, it’s intriguing history with signs of modernity creeping through and it’s divine beaches.

They have worked hard, they are believers of paying attention to the signs that life brings them and when the opportunity arose to rent out what once was a gallery selling paintings, they took a chance and spent months renovating the place.  They take pride in everything they do, and have carefully created a space which combines the past and the present.  They have decorated using black and white keeping in with their love for elegance and simplicity. It’s important for them that people feel at home in their restaurant and enjoy their superb meals.

The first thing I noticed were the words of the song written on the menu as well as on part of the wall outside in the patio.   I have to admit I wasn’t sure if I knew the song, so Misleydis started to sing it for me; still not sure, I assured her I would look it up on youtube!

We were greeted by smart and professional waiters able to answer all our questions.  I was instantly intrigued by the Mariachi Fish on the menu and decided to take a chance on something new.  It was made with tequila and cayenne pepper and very tasty.  Gustavo and Misleydis also chose fish and they had the Trinidad 1514 and the Trinidad 2014; names chosen in honour of the recent 500th anniversary of Trinidad.  Our meals came with warm bread and balls of butter floating in cold water to keep it fresh and cool, a plate of salad each and cream of pumpkin soup. 

Sabor a Mi Restaurant Trinidad
Mariachi Fish
As part of the 500th anniversary celebrations, Trinidad held El Primero Festival Culineario de Trinidad, the 1st Culinary Festival of Trinidad.  Sabor a Mí won an award for the ‘Trinidad 1514’ dish, an important achievement for them.  Firstly because at the time they had only been open a short amount of time and secondly because it was an important time for everyone being the 500th anniversary of Trinidad.  They intend to continue inventing new dishes and hope to win more awards and recognition in the future.

Sabor a Mí is open from 9.30am – 11.30pm (or until the last person leaves) and has a live Cuban band playing at various times throughout the day.  If you want a taste of something special, a taste of the Trinitarian soul, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to Sabor a Mí. 

Address – Fernándo Hernández Echerri (Cristo) #62 e/ Ciro Redondo (San José) y Piro Guinart (Boca), Trinidad, Cuba.

Sabor a Mi Restaurant
Sabor a Mi Restaurant - Trinidad

Sabor a Mi Restaurant Trinidad
Sabor a Mi Restaurant - Trinidad

Lisvet - Sabor a  Mi Restaurant - Trinidad