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By Lisa Coyle, Honeymoon in Cuba, Salsa Lessons, Trinidad, January 2014

My husband and I had decided that Cuba would be our honeymoon destination after travelling from Australia to the UK. We begun our research and were particularly interested in staying in a Casa Particular when we were in Havana and Trinidad but found it difficult to find an information source we felt we could trust when making a booking in advance.

I found myself wishing that I had a friend who had been to Cuba and could make some recommendations! It was then that I stumbled across Rena's Experience The Real Cuba blog which had helpful information about her real experiences in Cuba, in particular Trinidad.

I contacted Rena and she replied immediately with helpful information on exiting the airport, finding transport, booking accommodation and general hints and tips. 

Rena was able to provide advice on the best location to stay in Havana (Habana Vieja) and provided me with a contact for a Casa Particular whom I emailed and made a reservation with (using Google Translate)! I had been forewarned on several travel sites that in some cases a "booking" doesn't necessarily mean a "booking" so I wasn't surprised to find that when we arrived at our Casa Particular in Havana we were taken to a different Casa several doors down (they will always find somewhere for you to stay!)

We had already made my reservation with Rena for Misleydis and Gustavo's Casa in Trinidad and was very happy to know that our 'booking' was actually confirmed so we knew exactly where we were going! We were met at the bus station by a bici taxi who got quite a workout peddling the two of us and our round-the-world luggage! 

Misleydis and Gustavo were so welcoming and Misleydis gave us a run down of the town and all the best spots to eat and drink and also told us about the big street celebrations that happened to take place during our stay. We enjoyed our salsa lessons with Experience The Real Cuba and my husband and I enjoyed practicing our new moves the following night (after a few mojitos of course!) 

It was lovely to have Misleydis (and her perfect English) to help us make bookings to travel to the beach as well as to travel back to Havana in a shared car when it came time to sadly leave Trinidad! 

Cuba is a beautiful destination filled with wonderful people. 

Upon reflection of our trip, we established that what we loved about our experience in Cuba is the surprises around every corner. I learnt that what we had planned to happen might not actually take place, but when you go with the flow even better things happen! 

Thanks for all of your tips and advice Rena! We had an amazing time and we would love to return again! 


Experience the Real Cuba offers Casas Particulares in Cuba as well as cultural activities and programs in Cuba supporting local Cuban private businesses.

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