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By Martina Wohlers, Spanish & Painting student, Trinidad, April 2014 

I decided to travel to Cuba some time in November and started my research on the internet. I knew I wanted to take Spanish lessons, ideally one on one. So, I started looking and very soon found the site “Experience the Real Cuba”. They offered the type of Spanish lessons I was looking for, a home stay and to top it off, painting lessons. 

I loved the idea of getting painting lessons from one of Cubans artists. I wrote an email to them and promptly received a super nice reply that convinced me to stick with that company. When the travel date got closer I received very detailed and personal emails from Rena, who virtually took me by the hand on my first trip to Cuba. Travelling as a single woman is not always easy, but Rena organized my stay in Havana as well. 

I knew, when I left Germany that things would be amazing. And they were! I loved the Casa in Havana, even though it was just one night. Misleydis and Gustavo’s Casa in Trinidad made me feel at home right away. It is a spacious Casa with two terraces to hang out at. They welcomed me into their family, spoke Spanish to me and were very patient with my slow answers. They served a yummy breakfast with fresh fruits and juices. Dinner was always different and superb as well. 

Each morning I walked the short distance to my Spanish class. Juani is a very experienced and lovely teacher. My head spun every day after three hours of intensive Spanish, but I learned a lot and slowly started understanding the people on the street of Trinidad. Later in the day I had my painting class with a young artist. He helped me with painting a painting that I had carried around in my head for years. I was so grateful and happy, when I saw the result. 

All in all I can highly recommend travelling with Experience the Real Cuba, because I felt welcome in all places, got to know the beautiful people of Cuba and I know this was not my last trip.

Thanks Martina for sharing your experiences in Cuba.


Experience the Real Cuba offers Casas Particulares in Cuba as well as cultural activities and programs in Cuba supporting local Cuban private businesses.

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